Battery Storage for businesses

Save money and future proof your business

Battery storage offers protection from fluctuating energy prices. For most companies’ energy bills are a significant expense and taking steps to better manage your energy use, as well as reducing carbon emissions, can directly impact your cost structure, competitiveness, and reputation.

Commercial battery storage is set to play a major role in the global energy mix in the future and, when used in conjunction with renewable technologies such as commercial solar PV, it can help manage and protect your business from fluctuating energy costs and reduce its carbon emissions.

Benefits of batteries

Allows for better use of renewable energy

The use of batteries to store this power is a necessity, ensuring the power can be used whenever you need it. With batteries, your excess power is stored in the battery system, so on those overcast days when your solar system doesn’t produce as much power as you need, you can pull from the batteries, instead of the grid.

Added protection

The use of batteries for energy storage allows the production and use of renewable energy to be delinked from low consumption periods. These systems allow you to overcome obstacles that are caused by the intermittent production of this energy, which is a problem that can never be denied.

Less dependent on the grid

Solar battery systems enable you to build a business that’s far more resilient and less dependent on the grid. For example, if you live in an area where the grid is known for being unstable, you gain peace of mind with a battery storage system, knowing you can power key aspects of your business for many hours.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Installing solar batteries allows you to reduce your business’s carbon footprint and move closer to self-sufficiency. These systems are ideal for anyone who wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimise pollution. Solar energy systems create much less pollution than traditional fossil fuels, and by using battery storage systems, you can ensure any energy produced does not go to waste.

Minimise electric bills

You can also save considerably on your electricity costs because of the flexibility afforded. Businesses can take electricity from the grid when it is cheaper and use it during peak periods (where costs can be high), creating a bliss balance between solar and grid electricity with the lowest possible costs.

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Commercial Batteries FAQs

Appropriate sizing of a battery is dependent on its desired use case within your business.

For example, if your battery is intended to capture surplus solar otherwise exported to the grid, then a battery can be sized to take advantage of this use case. If your battery is intended to provide blackout support for a certain length of time, then it would require a different approach to determining the appropriate size. Other use cases exist and due to the complex nature of batteries within a business, it is best to reach out to a trusted expert who can understand your business needs and present an option linked to your specific business objective.

Batteries can be used in multiple ways to create multiple value streams for your business. The greater the number of use cases that can be applied, the greater than value that can be extracted. For example a business can use a battery to:

  • Increase solar self-consumption
  • Back-up supply in the event of a blackout
  • Shave Peaks in energy demand
  • Energy arbitrage (charge in Off Peak and discharge in Peak)
  • Leverage market interfacing opportunities

The benefits are site specific and driven by the battery use case. Our experts can assist in determining the benefits specific to your business.

Storing Solar Energy

Adding battery storage to your on-site solar system will enable your organisation to capture any excess renewable energy being generated by your solar system and then use that energy for your business operations when your demand is higher than your solar can generate, or when the sun is not shining. This reduces the amount of fossil fuelled energy you purchase from the grid, reducing your overall carbon footprint.

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