Residential EV Charging Solutions

Are you considering transitioning to an electric vehicle or have you recently started driving one? We offer an innovative solutions to help you fully maximize the solar energy generated by your home's solar panels for your electric car charging sessions.

With integrated energy management systems, you have the flexibility to charge your electric vehicle using solar energy throughout the day or take advantage of the lowest energy rates available.

These systems can optimise costs by considering factors such as off-peak rates, capacity limits, or dynamic pricing, providing you with the most economical energy options for both your car and household appliances.




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Products Tested For Australian

We only sell products we would use in our own home. All products are tested to ensure they are capable of handling our climate and water quality.

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National Installer

Our installers cover all areas of Australia and have received the best training in the country.

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Energy Efficiency

We have expertise in trades, energy efficiency schemes, engineering and environmental science to give you best solutions.

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All products installed by MAC TS are backed by a two year installation warranty, and product warranties of up to 5 years

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