Buying a new home is the perfect time to think about battery storage.

Home energy storage is an investment that you’ll see returns on as soon as installation is complete. Combining solar energy generation with battery storage allows you to use clean, green, renewable energy 24 hours a day, instead of more costly coal or gas-fired power from the grid. You’ll be protected from electricity retailers hiking up prices, could have power in a blackout, and you’ll help the environment in the process.

A brand new solar and battery storage package could cost as much as renovating your kitchen or doing up the bathroom; it’s a major investment. However, costly renovations only prove their worth if you decide to sell years down the track. Home energy storage, on the other hand, starts paying you back as soon as installation is complete, through money saved on your electricity bills each month.  

From a financial point of view, installing a battery storage system when you first purchase your new home is a smart thing to do. Financing your new solar and battery storage solution can be as easy as adding the upfront installation cost to your home loan. Interest rates are generally lower than personal loans and consumer finance, your credit risk has already been assessed and you have already built a solid relationship with your lender.

By talking to your home loan provider at the time of your new home purchase, you can avoid extra hassle years later and take advantage of a low home loan interest rate from the very start. 

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