Reduce your energy and save on your bill, rebates available

Today’s residential solar technology is better than ever, and creating and storing clean, affordable energy is a smart move for both you and the planet.


As Australia looks towards a net-zero future, controlling your energy supply must be a priority for homeowners and landlords. By installing solar PV, you will not only be greener but help control your energy costs.


Our expert team at MAC Trade Services has many years of experience advising residential clients on the best renewable solutions amd providing solar panel installation. We are with you every step of the process, from advising on government solar rebates to planning to installation and aftercare. With 0% interest loans available to approved customers with Brighte, now is the time to be part of the future.


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Benefits of solar


Reduce your electricity bills

Make the most of free sunlight to reduce your electricity costs.


Boost your home value

A future ready home can be more appealing to more buyers


Future proof against energy price rises

Energy prices are only going to increase, so being able to generate some of your household’s energy needs will help to reduce your reliance on grid energy.


Cut your carbon footprint

Produce your own green renewable energy and as solar PV doesn’t release any harmful carbon dioxide or other pollutants you will be reducing your carbon footprint.

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We employ a wide range of talented professionals, including carbon measurement auditors, engineers, battery specialists, and lighting designers.

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Why should you install solar panels?

What effect will they have on your power bills?

What kind of solar system do you need?

How do you know which retailer to trust?

This free guide is designed to help you find your perfect solar energy solution.

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Residential Solar FAQs

Solar panel manufacturers are ‘ranked’ into three tiers. Tier 1 solar panels are panels that are manufactured by big brands who have a good reputation in the industry. As these companies have generally been around for more than a few years, you’re a lot safer investing in Tier 1 companies than Tier 2 or 3. Many solar companies – us included – will state that their solar panels are Tier 1. But without direct access to the Bloomberg-published list, it can be difficult to know if the retailer is using the Bloomberg tier system.


When you get a quote for your new solar system, make sure to ask for verification of their Tier 1 status. Either ask for the criteria they’re basing their Tier 1 classification on or ask about the manufacturer itself. A trustworthy solar retailer will be happy to provide you with this information help you make an informed choice.

Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are government incentives that help to reduce the upfront cost of installing your energy solution, and apply to systems that are below 100kW. That’s all residential size systems and some commercial size systems. The number and value of STCs your solution receives differs depending on its size and location in Australia. To be eligible for STCs, your solar solution needs to be installed by a Clean Energy Council accredited installer, and MAC Trade Services only uses these.

Thanks to falling prices, the days of having all your solar panels facing north to make sure you produced enough energy to justify the cost of your system are gone. It’s now more important to make sure your panels match your electricity usage.

Having solar panels on your east-facing roof is perfect for those that use a lot of power in the morning; these will capture the morning sun and give you electricity when you need it most. Conversely, installing solar panels on your west-facing roof is perfect if you use a lot of power in the afternoon or early evening. This setup works well in summer to cool down your house at the end of a long, hot day.

In most circumstances, well-installed solar panels will last for up to 25 years. 

It’s important to understand the warranties that come with your solar panels. Solar panels come with a materials and workmanship warranty, and a performance warranty.

The materials and workmanship warranty is to cover poor materials or workmanship in the manufacture of the panel itself. Generally, these warranties are between five and ten years, meaning the solar panels are expected to be free of any material or workmanship defects for at least the warranty period.

In addition to this, the solar panel performance warranty is typically for 25 years, in line with the expected lifespan of the panel. This warranty sets the minimum performance expected from the panel for every year of its operation. To be conservative, this assumes that the minimum performance is what your panels will achieve and, in many cases, the actual performance can be higher.

Solar systems are very low maintenance. The output of your system may be reduced if the panels become dirty.

Natural rainfall will often wash the panels and sufficiently remove accumulated dust and dirt. You may want to consider proactively cleaning your panels to optimise their performance or to account for areas where you experience higher than normal exposure to dust, dirt or other debris.

If you are looking to add more solar panels to your existing system, the most cost-effective option is often to just add a second system to your property that sits side-by-side with your current system.

Be aware that upgrading your system with more panels or battery storage may also result in losing your current feed-in tariff, and the requirements for adding panels or battery storage may differ from state to state. Our consultants will be able guide you to the best solution.

The time it takes to install your solution and get it up and running depends on a few factors like the size of your system, and how long your energy provider takes to arrange any necessary meter alterations and your grid connection.

MAC Trade Services helps you with all necessary paperwork and arranges the required applications for your solution, but, we cannot control how long your energy provider takes to carry out their work and make the system operational. We will keep you in the loop on the progress of your solution and any holdups along the way. Our installation work typically takes up to one day for a residential size system.

In most circumstances, a property will be suitable for a solar system – it will just be a case of determining how to best install it  and the benefits it will provide.

Determining these details depends on several factors, such as the orientation and space available on your roof, any shading on the space available, the state and age of your switchboard, and your electricity usage patterns.

Situations where MAC Trade Services may recommend that your property is not suitable for solar may include if you have very little available area for panels, you have a lot of consistent shading on the available areas, or your switchboard needs significant work to safely accommodate the system.

Even in these more complex cases, your MAC Trade Services consultant will talk you through the restrictions with your property before helping you decide whether or not to proceed with solar at your property.

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