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Unlock the secret to lowering your power bills and reducing your carbon footprint with the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program. Launched in 2009, this initiative has already empowered over 2 million households and businesses throughout Victoria to decrease their energy costs by upgrading to more efficient appliances.

Explore how the VEU program offers discounts to all Victorian households and businesses, while in rental properties, we encourage landlords and tenants to work together for upgrades to maximise benefits.

It's our mission at MAC Trade Services to ensure every Victorian can make energy-smart decisions and enjoy the financial and environmental rewards of cutting-edge, energy-efficient technology.

MAC Trade Services is your destination for top-quality, affordable VEU-accredited energy solutions.


Hot water systems

Take advantage of the VEU program to upgrade your home's hot water system and reduce your energy billsSwitching from old electric or gas systems to Heat Pump hot water could save you up to $840 or $490, respectively.

With the VEU program, you can upgrade to more energy-efficient alternatives and potentially save up to 70% on your hot water running costs. (this is based on a certificate price of $70).

Thanks to the VEU program, you could enjoy up to a 48% discount, bringing the price of a 270L iStore Heat Pump hot water system down to just $2,266.



For Victorian homes and businesses, heating and cooling can make up a substantial portion of energy bills, amounting to up to $800 annually.

Whether replacing an old gas heater or upgrading existing systems, improvements result in better performance and more savings. Replacing a gas heater with a reverse cycle multi-split system could earn rebates ranging from $900 to $2000, while upgrading from an old split system to a new reverse cycle split system could result in rebates from $200 to $500.


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