Refrigerated Display Cabinets (RDC)

for NSW businesses

RDC’s could save you money and energy

You can save thousands of dollars on your Refrigerated Cabinets through the ESS NSW Government Energy Efficiency Scheme.

Our team at MAC Trade Services can assist NSW businesses in securing ESS incentives when they purchase high efficiency refrigerated display cabinets. Make sure to contact us before making your purchase, using the form below, so we can discuss your business needs and how you can take advantage of ESS.

You could save thousands of dollars on your refrigerated display cabinets (RDC) through the NSW Government's Energy Efficiency Scheme (ESS) and Peak Demand Reduction Scheme (PDRS). At MAC Trade Services, we specialise in helping NSW businesses secure valuable incentives for purchasing high-efficiency RDCs. Whether you are installing a new high-efficiency refrigerated cabinet where none previously existed, or replacing an existing one, both activities qualify under these schemes. There is a minimum co-payment of $200 (excl. GST).

Before making your purchase, contact us using the form below. Our team will discuss your specific business needs and guide you through the process of taking advantage of the ESS and PDRS, ensuring you make the most out of these government incentives.

System Types Eligible

Below are examples of refrigerated cabinet system types that are eligible for a rebate under the ESS.


Integral Refrigerated Vertical Display Cabinets – for drinks


Integral Refrigerated Vertical Display Cabinets


Integral Vertical Freezer

Is your business looking to upgrade its refrigerated cabinets? Here’s why you should upgrade

Refrigeration systems are the largest consumers in both supermarket and liquor stores consuming between 50% to 70% of your site energy use (depending on the presence of air conditioning), can consume up to 2.25 GWh per annum, the equivalent of 300 to 400 Australian households per year¹.

According to Carbon Trust, 50% of savings can be found predominantly in more efficient equipment.

¹ Master Grocers Australia Energy Efficiency Information Handbook 2013

Pie Chart

Typical energy saving opportunities (Source: Carbon Trust)

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Yes it can. However, when you’re replacing existing equipment there is an additional requirement to show that appropriate efforts have been made to recycle the decommissioned units. Please get in touch with us using the above form and we can discuss any additional requirements.

We strive to keep our list of eligible models updated, but new products enter the market regularly. If your model is not listed, it could be that it is only recently eligible or it could be that it is not eligible. There are a number of criteria that the model needs to meet to be eligible for incentives, such as its energy efficiency rating and being listed on the GEMS register. If you believe the model is eligible, please contact us, and we will inform you if it is eligible. If it meets the criteria, we will update our website's model list.