Ultimate Guide to the Appliance Rebates in South Australia for 2024

This guide outlines everything you need to know about the appliance rebates in 2024.
Understanding Appliance Rebates

What is an Appliance Rebate?

An appliance rebate is a financial incentive provided by the South Australian Government to
encourage businesses and households to purchase energy-efficient dryers and fridges.
Why is this Rebate Offered?

  • To lower energy costs for consumers.
  • To promote the use of energy-efficient appliances.
  • To reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

South Australian Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS)
The REPS is a South Australian Government energy efficiency scheme that provides incentives for
SA households and businesses to save energy and money. The REPS scheme includes a levy
incorporated into your electricity bill, entitling you to various benefits, including cashback rewards
on energy-saving appliances. Since you are already contributing to this scheme, it is time to make
the most of its benefits.

How to Apply for Appliance Rebates

  1. Purchase an eligible energy-efficient dryer, fridge, or freezer from any South Australian
    appliance retailer before 30 th November 2024.
  2. Confirm the rebate details and eligibility on the MAC Trade Services website
  3. Fill out the application form and provide proof of purchase and address verification. The
    appliance must be intended for use in a South Australian property.
  4. Once your application has been verified and approved, you will receive your cashback within 45
    days for a bank transfer or 60 days for an EFTPOS gift card.
    If you have purchased or plan to purchase an energy-efficient dryer or fridge in 2024, you could
    qualify for a cashback of up to $480. You have the flexibility to buy your energy-efficient appliances
    either in-store or online from any South Australian retailer, making the process even easier. If you
    have already made a purchase this year, you can still take advantage of this incredible offer.

The beauty of this deal lies in its simplicity when claiming your cash rebate. MAC Trade Services is
here to manage the rebate process on your behalf. Furthermore, we take pride in offering the
highest rebates in South Australia. Claim your rebate and use the money for whatever truly matters
to you.

For more information or assistance with your appliance rebate applications, feel free to contact us.

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